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Flipper is that you?

All Weddings are special – large, small, fancy or no frills – this one was pretty exciting! Marrying a couple at SeaWorld on the Gold Coast QLD – it’s not often you get to pat a dolphin on your wedding day WOW! That is pretty special.

I don’t really agree with animals or mammals or any thing kept in captivity  but I had a good talk to the staff there and at least they are well looked after here – some a rescued from nets or here through other unfortunate circumstances and I hope that the public is really educated about and respect and acre for these amazing sea creatures.

When I heard I was going to marry a couple at SeaWorld and dolphins were involved I Googled (of course) Dolphins and what they symbolise.

  • Peace and harmony
  • Protection
  • Playfulness and joy
  • Resurrection
  • Inner Strength
  • Cooperation

Perfect for the day two people totally in love become husband and wife.

seaworld-1 seaworld-2 seaworld-7

Walking Down The Aisle – It’s Up To You

Weddings these days are awesome because there are only a few legal things that must be done and the rest is “Up to you”

Like walking down the aisle – you don’t even have to have an aisle!

The Groom and Groomsmen can walk down the aisle too to begin a ceremony.

Who walks before you? – anyone in your Bridal party- like this little gorgeous flower girl in the photo below, walking before her mum and Grandpa – I love that Grandpa ended up carrying her bouquet!

If your having children in a wedding ceremony, be prepared for unexpected things, but trust me they are usually beautiful memorable moments like this.

Who walks you down the aisle? No one has to – there are no rules – You can walk alone, your Groom can walk you, parents, Mum, Grandpa, Grandma, your children – any one you like – it’s “Up to you ”


Kids at Your Wedding.


KIDS and a WEDDING – yes please!

I just love this photo – they say not to work with animals and children – I so disagree! Having children at a wedding is so special. These three came all the way from Adelaide with their mum and dad and grandparents and at Currumbin Beach QLD. They took part in the intimate wedding ceremony of their parents. It was just beautiful and you can see the joy and fun they had!

I was a teacher for many years so sharing some time with kids again I really enjoy plus I always have some chub chubs or treat for the kids.