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What happens in the event that we have to postpone our wedding?

The Notice of Intended Marriage is valid for 18 months, I am only too happy to reschedule the wedding with you.

Who can I have as my witnesses?

Any two people, providing they are over the age of 18 years. They may be from overseas they just need to understand what they are witnessing.

What if I’ve been married before?

All you need to do is bring the Original Divorce Certificate or Decree Absolute from your last divorce to the meeting with the celebrant. A photocopy is not acceptable as your celebrant must sight the original document. If you can’t find your original document you should apply to Births, Deaths and Marriages (B.D.M) for a ‘new original’. You can find additional information at http://www.familylawcourts.gov.au.

Do I need my birth certificate?

Yes OR a birth extract OR your passport – your celebrant must sight it before you marry. Your passport can be expired just not cancelled.

What is the NOIM?

The NOIM is the Notice of Intent to Marry form that you must lodge with a Celebrant at least one month before you marry earlier if you like.

Are you, our celebrant, happy to wear a particular type or colour for our ceremony?

YES, I always dress as befits the occasion but if you have any special requests, just let me know what you want and I will do what I can to comply. I am also happy to fit in with the bridal party’s colour palette.

Are we able to plan our wedding ceremony by email and post? 

YES  we can complete all the necessary documents by email,or post. Original documents are then sighted and signed when we meet before your wedding ceremony.

What names do we use on our Notice of Intended Marriage (NOIM)?

Your names must be exactly as they are on your birth certificate, or if previously married, your married name, or if you have a Change of Name Certificate.

Do we only need 2 witnesses? YES

Can witnesses be from our family, if they are over 18 years? YES

Will our wedding be accepted world-wide? 

YES  Some countries require  an Apostille stamp. Check with your embassy or DFAT and I can help you with this.

Do you register our marriage for us?

YES I will register your marriage shortly after the ceremony.

May we write our own Ceremony?

YES , you can write as little or as much of your ceremony as long as I make sure that it complies with the Marriage Act, 1961 of Australia.

May our friends read a poem or reading? 

YES I encourage family and friends to participate.

Do you provide a PA system so that all of our guests can hear the ceremony? 

YES I have an excellent PA system and do not charge any extra for its use.

What if we don’t want to have a PA at our wedding as we feel it spoils the intimate nature of our ceremony?

Sure. It is your wedding and I will make sure that I do my best to ensure that all of your guests can hear the ceremony.  As an ex teacher, I have had some practice in projecting my voice.

Can you tell us about special ritual ceremonies such as the sand ceremony, hand-fasting, wine ceremony, rose ceremony, candle ceremony, ring warming?  

YES I am happy to give you information about ways to personalise your wedding ceremony and to discuss the most appropriate one for you I have lots and lots of information I can share with you and I will research anything you need or want.

Do I have to take my husbands name? 

NO, there are other options. Sometimes the Groom takes the Bride’s surname – up to you.

Do we have to have wedding rings? 

NO, In order for your marriage to be legal it must include the Celebrant Authority, the prescribed vows, and signatures by the bride and groom, witnesses and celebrant. You do not have to give rings.

May I be given away or presented by a person who is not a member of my family? 

YES, anyone or no one can give you away.

Can you help me with my application for a Prospective Marriage or fiancee visa? 

YES – once you have completed your NOIM and booked a date for your ceremony, I will write a letter of support to the Australian Embassy in the country of your fiance/fiancee.

Do you charge extra for a rehearsal? 

NO – We will discuss having a rehearsal if you think that is necessary. I can also provide a table for signing if needed and a quality sound system  if needed.

Can we play our music through your sound system? 

YES – you can play an iPod/ipad/Phone through my system.

What if we want to change the date of our wedding?  

I am happy to transfer your booking fee to another date that I am available.

What happens if you are unable to conduct our wedding at short notice, due to illness or accident?

I would definitely  find another celebrant to conduct your ceremony and will transfer your legal documents.  I know a number of excellent celebrants.


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