Well on Valentine’s Day over 30 years ago Andrew proposed to me 🙂 in a taco) After a day at the beach ( Maslins in SA – it’s a nudist beach SH!!!) he cooked tea at my place, ( he lived at his mum’s and ate all my food) and put a note in my vegetarian taco and of course elated I said YES. I still have the note but I ate the taco 🙂 We chose the engagement ring together later:) I was thrilled to bits 🙂 HAPPY VALENTINE’s to all of you , I know it is quite commercial BUT sometimes we take for granted the person we love the most and who we can totally be our self with UNCONDITIONAL LOVE. Celebrate love every day !!

Rain on Your Wedding Day – DONT Cry!

Yes, most of us dream of a day of sunshine and maybe it not too hot or too cold but we cannot control nature so it really is way less stressful if you have another plan of where to marry just in case of the weather and look at all the positives.

Maybe don’t call it a Plan B because that sounds like it’s not as good as ‘A’  and really the most important thing is that you are marrying the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, the person that ‘gets’ you and you love them so very much and it is still going to be amazing day because YOU ARE GETTING MARRIED!!

In Australia you know we are desperate for rain so actually its a blessing  that “confetti from the heavens” falls on your wedding day.

Yes your planning and what you were expecting has to change but that’s life and guess what? you have something so precious in life – YOU HAVE LOVE!

So no tears on your wedding day because it rained – ONLY HAPPY TEARS!!


So it rained on your wedding day? Our planet is 70 % water.

We drink it to survive, we bathe in it for cleanliness.

If it weren’t, we probably wouldn’t be here. Our bodies are 98% water.

If they weren’t, we’d be toast. We seriously know rain is seriously in short supply. Water is essential to life.

So when it rains on your wedding day it doesn’t mean you’ve had bad luck or should have waited for a sunny day.

It means you are being married and that your love for the person you marry is being symbolically sprinkled from on high to remind you that your entire life is a precious gift  which you are about to share with somebody very special to you.

It is used and seen as a blessing.

So it rained on your wedding day and it was beautiful and a blessing.