9 years ago I named my  Marriage Celebrant business ALL WEDDINGS because I believed that we should ALL be able to marry regardless of gender but I never thought it would take till the end of 2017 to happen! But now I am so happy and so proud to be the Marriage Celebrant of couples who are from our LGBTQIA community.  I really prefer not putting labels on people  as I think we should not be so judgemental and more accepting of others – surely more love and kindness in the world can only make it a better place for us all.

So now my name really is perfect for my Marriage Celebrant Business!!

ALL WEDDINGS  are special and that is why I only do one a day. It’s such a privilege to be asked to be a couple’s Marriage Celebrant and be part of their wonderful wedding day that I want to really focus on them and their ceremony. It’s just not me to rush from one ceremony to another. Way to stressful! What’s happens if the couple are late for some reason? I don’t want to be stressed or cause more stress for them on their special day and say “Hurry up – I have to go!”  I like to get there early and welcome and meet guests and then be there for my couple – settling any of their nerves and sharing their love story in a beautiful wedding ceremony, written just for them.

So bring on 2018 and lots of weddings – let’s have lots of LOVE!

John Lennon sang

Love is real, real is love
Love is feeling, feeling love
Love is wanting to be loved
Love is touch, touch is love
Love is reaching, reaching love
Love is asking to be loved
Love is you
You and me
Love is knowing
We can be
Love is free, free is love
Love is living, living love
Love is needing to be loved

LOVE Heather

Currumbin Beach, CurrumbinQLD