8 years ago I  became a celebrant and from day one, following my  lifelong strong honest belief in social justice I campaigned  and made it known from the start, that I believed LOVE IS LOVE and that it was an equal rights issue /social justice issue – why could people identifying in LGBTQIA  community not marry?
In recent times I have had horrible rude messages sent to me-they have posted on my wedding Facebook pages – I haven’t replied or shared because I think these people are probably best not replied to. I remembered my dear Dad Neil RIP say “Heather if you can’t say anything nice….don’t say anything at all” and I only disclosed a few of these more offensive concerning comments to my husband Andrew because I knew he would, otherwise,  protectively and lovingly, get worried about me.
So from yesterday  we celebrate LOVE IS LOVE! and as a celebrant I cannot wait to  have the ABSOLUTE privilege and pleasure of ALL marrying couples  ALL who are in love !!!!

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