Unplugged Weddings

So you don’t want wedding photos full of guests with phones and cameras in their faces but instead you want to see their smiling faces as they truly listen to the words of your wedding…..

So you don’t want a guest jumping up in the aisle taking a photo of you while your photographer is trying to capture that special shot of you walking to your Groom…..

Then maybe an “unplugged” wedding is for  you – this means your guests put away their phones and cameras and enjoy your wedding ceremony as your photographer/s and maybe videographer get to take lots of wonderful professional photos .

As a Celebrant I can nicely let your guests know what you want with regard to photos and social media. I do this before the beginning of your ceremony so as they are all aware of what the protocol is for photos.Guests seem to like this as they know what you want and they always seem happy to cooperate.

You may like to have guests take photos but ask them to be mindful and respectful of the professional photographer/s and videographer – just ensuring they don’t get in their way. Before a wedding I often introduce the photographer and videographer to your guest just so they know exactly who they are – it makes it a friendly comfortable pre wedding atmosphere.

This is an example I could say before your wedding ceremony – I will say whatever you two want- it is your day and totally your way!

Dear family and friends please put your phones on silent and put them away. Today we have a fantastic photographer and videographer who will capture all the magic moments in this wedding. You can sit back relax and enjoy. You are welcome to take photos before and after the ceremony but please post your photos on social media after the Bride and Groom have posted their photos first. At the end of the ceremony please allow our then happily married couple and their bridal party to walk down the aisle followed by their parents and then please go and give them lots of hugs and kisses of congratulations. Thank you for kindly listening and you cooperation this is the beginning of an absolutely beautiful wedding ceremony.

For more ideas about “unplugged”  wedding ceremonies – there are lots of options- just ask me I would love to help you have a wonderful wedding ceremony and  precious photos of your special day.